Interview with Architect Arun Bij, New Delhi

Interview with Architect Arun Bij, New Delhi
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How did the idea of Design Plus originate? When did you start your practice and what has been the core mission?

As a thought, Design Plus originated on a drawing board at SPA in 1976. In 1981, the thought was formalized. We began with very humble commissions and an equally humble 100 SqFt. basement office. Since 2010, however, Design Plus has been a sole proprietorship with a lot of young architects leading the Design and Construction pipeline of each project. Our mission has always been to maintain an ethical and honest practise, with its prime loyalty being towards the Project (not an entity or agency).

Which has been your most exciting project so far?

We enjoy designing residences the most. No matter how structured the bye-laws are, no matter how limited or liberal the budget is; every residence gives us an opportunity to understand human behaviour and nuances of lifestyle and daily operation. The bread earner might be a top lawyer or a humble public servant, there are always glaring commonalities. In addition, residences provide an opportunity to play with material, form and new products. Also, they usually have the shortest timelines. Hence, we can witness our creation sooner than other projects.

And the most challenging?

Contradictory maybe, but to this also I would reply – Residences. The amount of effort that a residence takes is almost equivalent to a project that is 100 times its scale. Although, dealing with different personalities can be exciting it can be extremely draining as well.

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