Interview with Architect Ashish Kesurvala, Ahmedabad

Interview with Architect Ashish Kesurvala, Ahmedabad
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What inspires you to Design?

When you have a passion for designing, you don’t need Inspiration, you simply have a thought in mind, you pick up a pencil and start sketching, it is as simple as breathing! When we decide to create something for betterment of human environment we simply get Inspired!

How many projects have you worked on?

SAK Designs have been practicing for the last 17 years. We have done a large number of Private Houses and many other varities of projects like, restaurant, offices, industries, small retail, furniture design, exhibition designs, etc. In total we must have done more than 90 design projects so far.

What kind of projects do you like doing the most?

A designers we love everything that comes our way. Right from designing a small piece of furniture, or interiors to a large building to a landscape to a farm house to a card, we put in lot of effort to go into small details and are conscious that we are contributing in whatever smaller way to bettering the lives of our clients. In the past, I got a chance to work a lot on ocean front properties when I was working under a senior Architect in Mumbai and I loved it. Also Hills are where I would love to do some such creation personally in the future. But we do make sure that nature plays a big role in all our creations. It is impossible for me, as an architect, to imagine a house designed without enjoying the nature around it.


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