Interview with Architect Jeremy Hayes, Italy

Interview with Architect Jeremy Hayes,  Italy
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What was the creative inspiration for the design of the RPCR building? Was there a particular part of the world that gave you direction on the design?

The architecture takes inspirations from Boka Bay’s 400 year history and tastefully infuses this historical architectural language with contemporary elements and construction methods to produce elegant, modern residences. The architecture is informed by some of the greatest modern examples of urban beach resorts around the world, adding joie de vivre to the building character.

How would you sum up the overall architectural style / design for this building?

The building is formed from an infusion of modernist influences together with the Montenegro vernacular. The clean modern lines of the building are complimented with classical motifs and proportions that echo Montenegro’s rich trading history.

What are the main design highlights of the building from an architectural perspective? What are the key distinguishing features that a potential buyer might be interested in?

The residents of RCPR will enjoy tranquil plunge pools, floating terraces and windows that carefully frame spectacular panoramic views over the glistening sea. An elevated pool deck offers a 25 metre lap pool, and 32 metre family pool combined with two exclusive bars and poolside food service will all be on offer to all residents.

Source:Porto Montenegro

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