Interview with Architect Milind Pai,Mumbai

Interview with Architect Milind Pai,Mumbai
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When did you first start practice and what kind of projects have you been doing?

Milind Pai – Architect & Interior Designer was established in 1987. The core purpose of the Firm is ‘To keep Inspire creations that turn Dreams to Reality’. The Firm specializes into various spheres of design from Architecture to Interiors Designing of Residential, Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, Institutional and Health Care. We have maintained a diverse portfolio and bring into the industry the latest in Trends and Technology that gives us an added edge to guide our clientele.

Tell us something about your approach to your project?

We believe in a conceptual approach to interior design that goes beyond accepted standards and enables clients to consider new directions and original solutions that build their and Identity. Our approach is to understand every aspect of our clients’ need, brand image and spirit and translate the same to their Corporate Identity and Personal Lifestyle in physical forms. Milind Pai – Architect & Interior Designer now 26 years in this field, still represents the prolific young brigade of designers – raring to go, brimming with innovative and compelling ideas, converting challenges into opportunities and excelling in out-of-box design solutions. The basic formula is to split the spaces and give a linear simplicity to the structure weaving a pattern for a Modern Décor into the Interiors and the Exteriors. Our goal is to create unique and distinctive designs with efficient Cost management. We strive for passion and individualism at the core of each project, bringing our clientele instant recognition while maximizing the consumer’s atonement

What defines your style?
Flamboyance built into the design style’ is the USP that adequately describes the style our projects have to offer with added Luxury, Elegance, Rhythm and Spaciousness. Our designs are the perfect balance of refined and classy interiors with added sophistication built into the richness in color, texture, innovative design and luxury. Selection of Fabrics and accessories are with keeping the color neutral so as not be too imposing but maintains the individuality of the clients.

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