Interview with Architect PieFrancesco Arnone,Italy

Interview with Architect PieFrancesco Arnone,Italy
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What kind of design do you love to do?

Since I started out as a designer, I have been in search of a union between primary and working materials, giving harmony to shapes, identifying it in daily objects, while always searching recycled waste materials and to use it on a design. In 2004, I established my office in Italy; I live there and design my work which comprises design orders from international companies

How did you decide to get into product design?

I always wanted to design, I studied as an architect, and can design something that addresses the needs of the people. I have always been impressed, it takes little effort to move from a product design to a large-scale project design, changing needs, functions, but the design and the enthusiasm is the same. Many Interior Designers & Architects design products.

As a product designer, what are the different challenges you face as compared to interior design projects?

The difference is that as an Interior Designer, we often design in a more personalized way for a specific customer, and as a product designer, it takes a more generalized approach of thinking that many people, who perhaps you will never know, will enjoy your project.

Source: Zingy Homes

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