Interview with Architect Pradeep Sachdeva, New Delhi

Interview with Architect Pradeep Sachdeva, New Delhi
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How did you manage to design your office in such a surreal location?

Initially when we started, we had our office in Khirki Village. But after some time we realized that we needed to expand and we began looking for a place that could incorporate the studio, the furniture manufacturing workshop and the showroom as well. It’s difficult to find such a space in Delhi, you know. And since I had bought this land quite a long time ago at Aya Nagar, I couldn’t think of any better place to fulfill our requirements. So we moved here in 2002. Now we have this building around a courtyard where we have 20+ architectural employees and a couple of craftsmen who design handmade furniture for Windmill. Also, we were lucky to find a huge open space which was converted into garden few yrs late
How does your approach comply with sustainable architecture?

We try to be as sustainable as possible. Talking about sustainability, there are various levels of sustainability. We try to work with only those materials that are available on the project site. Instead of getting an artwork from South India, furniture from Rajasthan or elsewhere, we try to work with indigenous objects. Whatever is available, we try to work with that. And that’s how we manage to keep our process as low energy as possible. We have made use of recycled wood in most of our projects wherever required.

How would you define your working style?

That’s really difficult to put under one umbrella. Each project requires different approach and similarly different style. We undertake projects that comply with functionality and client’s requirements. So it’s different everywhere. It depends on what is demanded.
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