Interview with Architect Prashant Sutaria

Interview with Architect Prashant Sutaria
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When did you start your practice and what is the story behind the name “Center of Living and Planning for Tomorrow”?


We started our practice in 1989, in Mumbai. Center of Living and Planning for Tomorrow is our vision to contribute significantly for better living conditions of masses. Under “CELPT”, we are working towards creating knowledge based solutions for affordable & low cost housing.

From affordable housing to luxury apartments & villas, you have done them all. How do you handle the transition from one form & type to another?


Design always depends on the correct response given to a context. ‘Solution to the problem always lies in the problem itself.’ The transition is a natural process to create and evolve any structure depending on the solution required.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far?


Biggest professional challenge was to conceptualize a utility and business oriented mega ware housing project of 21 million square feet, one of the largest warehousing projects in the country. The challenges included selection of an architectural vocabulary with innovation, functionality and cost effectiveness as the main criteria. To make the design to a human scale, humble yet bold & user friendly were some of the other challenges.

What is your dream project?


Our dream project is to create an ideal, affordable residential township with the right balance of open community spaces, which will be an example for others to follow, and thereby make a significant contribution towards the ‘Idea of Good Housing for all!’


Source: Zingy Homes

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