Interview with Architect Salil Ranadive, Mumbai

Interview with Architect Salil Ranadive, Mumbai
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When did you first start your practice and what kind of projects have you been doing? When did you start SR Architects?

The first project I got along with my batch-mate Anish Shah, was in 1988 – while we were still doing our Dissertations at CEPT. It was for an Art Gallery at Kemp’s Corner – and as it happened – we received a Best Public Place Award for it from the IIID (That incidentally was the first & last time I participated in an Awards Competition). After that, our Two-man partnership, grew to Three. Then, into a Private Limited Company, which continued till 2013. In September 2013, I moved away and started SR+A Architects – along with all the wonderful team-mates I had worked with all these years.

Tell us something about your approach to your projects?

For us, the key to every project – is the Client. And this could be an Individual, a Family, a Company or an Institution. It is imperative for to be able to establish an equation with them – to understand the way they function, their imperatives, their goal, their likes & dislikes, their joys. We then aim to be the Facilitators – who can create a Poetic Solution to their primary functional need. Simultaneously, it’s equally important to address the Pragmatic aspects of a Project as well : Budgets, Time Schedules, Materials & Details and of course to recognize that the team includes the Engineers, the Contractors, the Suppliers, the Workers & the Craftsman too.

Which has been your most favorite project so far?

All Projects where my Clients have become my friends, and have called me back and cooked me a nice meal – are my favorites! Critically of course, my favorites are our “Shoebox” Series of Projects in Bombay: One, a house with an elevated Courtyard The Other, an Office – that engages with the Outside through and Enclosed Street, and it is arranged around a Tree of Knowledge. Meanwhile another, is a Corporate Learning Centre in Gujarat – that is being built.

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