Interview with Architect Shresht Kashyap, Mumbai

Interview with Architect Shresht Kashyap, Mumbai
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How did you start KNS Architects?


KNS was not a pre-planned venture. The three of us Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Ar. Neemesh Shah and myself, are old friends from the Academy of Architecture Mumbai. We were working for highly reputed Architect firms. We got a project which we started working together and eventually founded KNS Architects.

What kind of projects have you been working on?

We are working a lot on residential architectural projects and residential buildings across Mumbai. We work on villas, second homes and bungalows. We are also working on commercial projects but now due to the slowdown in that segment, we are working more on residential projects. We cater to high end interior residences and interiors for company showrooms as well as corporate offices and restaurant. For any project, the three of us have three different outlooks.

What is your biggest challenge so far, in terms of the projects that you’ve worked on?

It was challenging when we started first. This is because we already have some Architectural firms who already have a big name in the market. They also have a more sound background than us. Gradually, we are getting an upper hand because of the designs that we create and the projects that we work on. We work very differently.

Source: Zingy Homes

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