Interview with Architect Sunil Kulkarni, Pune

Interview with Architect Sunil Kulkarni, Pune
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What kind of projects have you been working on?

We at core believe that Architecture can evoke sensibilities of the society and has the power to influence the path that individuals and groups can follow. We take it as a huge responsibility and work towards achieving these goals with absolute integrity. Energy efficiency in building has been our driving force and has always been the starting point in all our work. We have been mostly working on Hospitality, Healthcare and Office buildings.

How do you build sustainability into your projects?

Green/ Sustainable have become fashionable words in an Architects lexicon. There are, even today, communities who lead a largely sustainable life. Architects, on the other hand have limited their contribution to selection of materials and technology. Both are not created by them. We believe that we need to innovate ourselves and to contribute in an architectural manner. Materials and technology can enhance a deeply thought out architectural solution even further. In today’s age, it is impossible to have a sustainable solution, especially in the metros. But as Architects we can only contribute in reducing consumption of materials and energy as much as possible.

Do you think it is a challenge to get clients to appreciate and go in for sustainable design?

It cannot be a challenge, since energy efficient buildings can make substantial savings for the clients. A clever architectural solution can reduce maintenance costs dramatically. Architects can contribute with their intellect, by adding value to the functional design of the buildings. Most clients recognize the potential of good ideas and their positive impact on their lives. Eventually one starts attracting clients with mutually conducive aspirations and intellect

Source: Zingy Homes

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