Interview with Avneesh Sood, Director Eros Group

Interview with Avneesh Sood, Director Eros Group
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Delhi- NCR on the way to recovery

 From a very modest beginning to creating numerous projects in varied sectors, the Eros group focus is on realty development in and around Delhi. Avneesh Sood, Director Eros Group gives an understanding of the region real-estate market.

Given the recent instances of malpractices by some builders, what are the challenges facing the Delhi-NCR realty segment?

There have been some common problems faced by most of the investors and buyers in the real-estate market. The most common issues that are faced by them are the delays in projects, high-price, poor quality of construction and alterations without prior information.  Apparently, due to the arrival of new enactment like RERA, all such issues will be no more in the picture. The act’s main motive is to maintain transparency in the market. While there is a need for developers to make sure they are compliant with new regulations, buyers too should change their perspective about the market now.The government should also try and make the land bill uniform in order to assure better land procurement. Also, the single window clearance would bring in approvals on time.

What is the current residential properties demand and supply scenario?

I think there is a positive impact due to the policy changes and RERA enactment as more and more people are turning up to invest in the real-estate projects. There is transparency and a simplified taxation process that’s encouraging serious investors into the market. Also, the industry reports suggest that the demand for residential units has increased. People are now aware of the newly enacted laws and have started to gain trust. There used to be lack of clarity for the home buyers on how much usable area they were getting for what they were paying. Now, the assured transparency for the investors and buyers is bringing in hopes for the concerned shareholders.

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