Interview with John Beldock, CEO of EcoBroker

Interview with John Beldock, CEO of EcoBroker
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Why did you start the EcoBroker?

As real estate professionals and green building scientists, we saw a significant disconnect between the real estate and green industries. We built EcoBroker’s training curriculum, support structure, and communication platforms to bridge the gap between real estate professionals and the green market.

How did the concept catch on and grow?

From the start, we’ve put a tremendous priority on the quality of the EcoBroker, training curriculum for real estate professionals and the customer service we provide to our members and their clients. The development has required a tremendous amount of persistence, and it’s still not easy. Over the first three years, with over 600 members in 36 States and Canada, we’ve received a great deal of positive reinforcement that the bridge building, the training, and the EcoBroker platform have been truly valuable contributions to the market. We see meaningful progress in the direction of market transformation.

What have been your most challenging obstacles?

Countless things compete for the limited time and attention of real estate professionals. We continue to develop innovative means of keeping our audiences interested and involved. Our learning curve in this regard has helped us create a great deal of institutional knowledge that has created additional benefits for our membership and beyond.

Is EcoBroker a sustainable business?

Absolutely. We expect EcoBroker to be around when our grandchildren are looking for properties or environmental training for real estate professionals. And EcoBroker has the best team of professionals I’ve ever assembled in any point in my pollution prevention career.


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