Interview with K.G Kundariya, President, Morbi Ceramic Associations

Interview with K.G Kundariya, President, Morbi Ceramic Associations
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  1. How is ceramic industry performing in India?

It is considered as the number one industry in India and 90 per cent of ceramic tiles are made in Morbi town in Gujarat. We are the second largest producers of ceramic tiles across the globe. The total production is 1,820 million sq. mtrs. In 1995, it was only 100 million sq. mtrs. The increase in production became manifold over the years and it has happened because of Morbi.

  1. What are the challenges before the ceramic industry?

The challenges mainly are gas price which is provided by Gujarat gas with 25-35 percent of input in the cost of production and also the electricity costs but the second one is not affecting much.

GST has not affected the ceramic industry much. But there is a psychological effect on the buyers and the small dealers are also afraid of the GST.

  1. How do you see the future of ceramic industry?

The future is very bright for the ceramic industry and there is nothing to worry about. We have 700 factories in Morbi which produces more than 1800 million sq. mtrs of ceramic. Morbi can reach 6000 million sq. mtrs because we have the best raw materials from Rajasthan. India is the only one country to have such kind of raw materials. So it becomes a very good advantage for the raw consumers. Also the entrepreneurship is very good in Morbi. So there is a good potential for the ceramic industry in the future.

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