Interview with Mr.Praveen Kumar, CEO Sell.Do

Interview with Mr.Praveen Kumar, CEO Sell.Do
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Sell.Do is an exclusive sales & marketing automation platform for real estate businesses. The product is the result of detailed research and understanding of the real estate business’ flow and processes. 

Please brief about Sell.Do platform. What’s it all about?

Sell.Do is an exclusive sales & marketing automation platform for real estate businesses. The product is the result of detailed research and understanding of the real estate business’ flow and processes.

It improves the productivity and efficiency of the business by automating the complete sales & marketing cycle in a single platform. We provide an end-to-end solution that drives the overall business growth. We also have dedicated solutions for each division like pre-sales, sales, marketing, and post-sales.

Our products are currently being used by more than 150 real estate businesses in India and have helped them

How is technology helping the real estate industry to grow their revenues?

In today’s business landscape, technology has completely transformed the way businesses operate. Across industries, technology has made companies faster, smarter, and far better organized.

Real estate is the largest commodity in the world, and it is one of the most complex industries and one of the most difficult products to sell. Even the smallest improvements in the efficiency of the real estate processes could have a significant impact on revenue.  Advanced technological applications have helped organize the real estate business and have empowered the industry with more efficient and productive processes.

With technology applications, companies have automated most of their processes. Complicated processes like inventory management, labour management, and sales team management have been automated. It helps companies save man-hours, and has enabled them to focus on their core competencies such as construction and selling. Database management by cloud systems helps store and manage data in one place.

Big data analytics combined with machine learning algorithms has helped companies implement a focused sales strategy and has improved overall ROI. Big data analytics provides actionable insights and highlights the set of consumers who are more likely to convert helping salespeople sell better.

One of the latest and popular applications in the real estate business is VR. With the help of VR, realtors can provide virtual site visits with the complete experience of living in a project by creating property experience tours.

VR improves the chances of a consumer willing to opt for a site visit, saves a lot of time for salespeople and consumers. Above all this, VR provides a better customer experience than a physical site visit.

What is the role of Sales and Marketing Automation in the growth process of the real estate sector?

One of the most beneficial applications of technology is automating business processes. Automation increases efficiency and productivity, and it reduces costs and the need for human intervention. It empowers the sales and marketing teams with intelligent insights about the business.

New-age sales automation applications automate most of the sales activities such as lead capture, lead management, lead engagement, personalized content automation, sales pipeline management, generating sales performance reports, and many more.

Automation system integrates various applications, portals, and platforms to track sales and marketing activities. All marketing campaigns, property portals and channel partners can be integrated on one platform, and any new inquiry from any of the sources is directly captured and routed to a salesperson. Companies don’t need to have a manual process of checking individual systems for new inquiries and manage huge and complicated excel sheets. There is no chance of losing any lead which in turn can result in losing business opportunities. An automation software saves a lot of business for companies.

Intelligent sales automation software tracks consumer activities and provides consumer intelligence to the sales executives. The sales team will have all the necessary tools and data ready with them to sell more efficiently and quickly. They have a list of hot leads prepared with them and have a record of all the information regarding each lead available on their fingertips. Sales executives can focus on leads that are more likely to convert and can hold impactful engagement as they know the exact requirement, interest and purchasing power of each consumer. This allows the sales executives to get more output from their time.

New-age marketing automation platforms have been automating personalized content marketing. This is based on an individual consumer’s behaviour and events by which the system sends automated Email/SMS to the consumer. It not only saves a lot of efforts but also helps companies engage with the right consumer at the right moment with the right message. It increases the chances of pushing the sales further down in the sales funnel.

What is the potential for the Automation Marketing Solutions market in India for real estate? Any key points that will facilitate the development of the industry?

Marketing automation solutions are still in the preliminary stage. There is a lot of scope and opportunity present for SAAS companies to explore and innovate.

We are building an innovative advertising platform that automates the complete media plan of a company across channels. It will track performance in real-time and automatically optimize the media plan in real-time to achieve the best possible marketing ROI for any real estate campaign. This is built out of our extensive experience in real estate marketing & advertising.

The platform will also execute search campaigns and select the most relevant keywords using AI and ML. With the project details, location, and pricing, the system will automatically choose the keywords and initiate a search campaign. This will save a lot of efforts, money and will reduce companies’ dependency on marketing agencies.

In future, automation will help multiple platforms connect and talk with each other to improve the overall business. It will reduce the gap between the various divisions of a company. Each division’s process and insights will be automated based on a unified goal and the performance of the other divisions.

What is it that sets Sell.Do apart from other sales & marketing platforms?

All the sales & marketing platforms available in the market are generic. There are a lot of required features specific to an industry that the platforms are not able to provide. They lack the industry-specific business intelligence.

Sell.Do is a platform designed exclusively for real estate business after complete understanding of the industry. We believe in focussing on a single industry and providing them with the best sales & marketing software. It has unique features to real industry processes, in-built in the system like site visit management, inventory management, property portal integration, and many more. Any company that opts for Sell.Do gets fully functional sales & marketing software within 72 hrs.

Sell.Do has an inbuilt communication cloud that lets salespeople engage with their leads from the system itself. A salesperson can either call, send Email/SMS from the system in just one click. All the calls made from the system or a mobile device are recorded and stored in the system, which can be referred by the salesperson and even the manager later. It provides salespeople with a powerful in-built engagement tool and sales managers a platform to review the sales team performance and activities.

Another feature that sets Sell.Do apart from other software in the market is aligning complete sales & marketing process on a single platform. We believe sales & marketing should work in tandem towards a unified goal to achieve high business growth. Sell.Do tracks all online and offline campaigns to create an integrated sales & marketing report that gives the sales performance for each campaign. It helps the marketing team to optimize campaigns as per sales performance and improve the overall ROMI.

What are the key factors driving the global Construction CRM Software market?

According to market research by Technavio, the global construction management software market is expected to reach USD 1.8 billion by 2022. The key factors driving the expansion of the market are SaaS, client expertise initiatives, adoption of CRM software packages by small and medium organisations

The growth within the market is on account of the movement of business organisations towards digital selling and marketing.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

With the help of Sell.Do, we have helped real estate companies scale up quickly to multiple projects by smoothly integrating a large number of salespeople in the platform, handle a large number of consumer inquiries, manage sales pipeline, and close more deals. In total, USD 4 billion worth inventory were sold with the help of Sell.Do.

One thing that makes us feel proud is when customers who have experience working with global brands in the SaaS industry are on board with us. This is a result of the value proposition and great customer experience with our product and company. There have also been few instances where customers have come back to us after using and investing a huge amount of money and effort on other popular software. Customers understand that Sell.Do is better equipped to help them in realizing their true potential and ultimately driving business growth.


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