Interview with Parish Kapse, Director, Team One Architects

Interview with Parish Kapse, Director, Team One Architects
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New age designing of Modern offices

According to architect Parish Kapse, Director, Team One Architects the changes in the perception of workplaces have bought many interesting challenges for the designers.

The commercial offices interior scenario in India and all around the world has changed to a great extent thus, extending architects boundaries of innovation and exploration. Gone are the days, when a workspace was limited to a cubicle and meetings to a conference room. Companies are setting high standards in innovations in defining workplace dynamics and creating new ways of working without barriers.

Space & Design

Clients have moved to having an open office design with flexible and accommodative desks and work units. Our focus is on ideas of functionality and what users expect to positively impact the change in the work pattern enhancing workforce’s productivity and office relationships.

In the commercial interiors, the furniture and the overall language follow through the design of the layout. We strongly believe in creating designs based on each company’s specific ideology. The attempt is to bind this together with the design bringing together the company branding through its architecture and interior design. For example, if a company’s logo or brand has a specific use of colour or design or shape, we create abstract ways of reflecting it through the design such as the artwork, patterns in floorings or ceilings or through other subtle elements.

The layout is also to be created based on this conceptual premise. Various factors such as the clients requirements, the engineering, the context of where the building is placed, etc. are together considered to devise a conceptual framework over which the design is materialized. The furniture and other elements of the design are then derived and executed.

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