Interview with Prashant Godbole, Photographer & Founder Ideas@work

Interview with Prashant Godbole, Photographer & Founder Ideas@work
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Rustomjee photography exhibition ‘Stolen Moments’ by Rahul da Cunha and Prashant Godbolein August was in sync with the developers ‘My Space’ concept introduced in its Rustomjee residential projects in Mumbai.

Rustomjee residential apartments are well designed according to the need of the modern home buyers, by eminent architect Sanjay Puri of Sanjay Puri architects. The projects besotted with all the luxurious and modern amenities,provide private and public spaces to enable occupants to reclaim and pursue their passion or hobby.

The event, ‘Stolen Moments’ hosted by Rustomjee, celebrated the need to follow our passions, amidst the hectic lifestyle of many in the metros of the country.The three day photo exhibition showcased the photographs by Rahul da Cunha and Prashant Godbole which capture the vignettes of everyday life.

In tune with the concept of ‘My Space’ by Rustomjee, the photo exhibition showcased the photographers’ penchant for street photography. The photographs captured moments spontaneously as they occur in real time as well as articulated the need for people to stay aligned with their passion and hobbies in life.

The event was attended by the theatre and art fraternity like Kunal Vijaykar, Rajit Kapoor, Atul Kasbekar, Ram Madhvani, Tariq Ansari and Shernaz Patel to name a few. Taking pride in the opportunity to showcase such rare vignettes captured by Rahul and Prashant, Percy Chowdhry, Director, Rustomjee Group said, “It is a privilege to encourage individuals to pursue their interests and are happy to be a part of an artistic endeavor that displayed passion for photography, and everyday inspiration for My Spaces. We often yearn to follow our passions that we used to once nurture long back, before the hectic pace of our professions left no time (or space) for them. Like the luxury of reading a book, hitting the gym, holding the brush and infusing life in a canvass, or re-connecting with the shutterbug inside us. At Rustomjee, we understand the significance of passion and interests and put in efforts to make meaningful space for them in our day to day life.”

The whole expression of ‘My Spaces’ fits like a glove for a passion like photography. Photography possibly is one of the most intimate expressions of one’s own space and this project helped bring together many photos and images that were long forgotten by the artists. Prashant Godbole, Photographer & Founder Ideas@work in conversation with Sapna Srivastava


How have you seen the advertising industry grow or change?

I have been in this industry for more than 30 years.When I started, there was only one television channel – Doordarshan. The television & broadcasting industry has become big now with proliferation of Indian and foreign entertainment and news channels. Advertising too has shifted its focus from print to TV as television has higher reach among general public. Of late, internet and digital platforms are becoming popular mediums of advertising. While, the fundamental of advertising remains the same i.e. selling of the product, with changing mediums one just needs to learn how to use different platforms.

 In terms of clients, how have they evolved over the years?

The client has to evolve as growing number of different mediums are getting introduced. Reaching the masses and taking their feedback is very important. In real-estate, the top developers understand advertising and creating a value system. For instance, Lodha has given an upmarket positioning to its brand through a very thoughtful branding campaign. Other prominent developers like Rustomjee and Hiranandani have done the same.

Let’s talk about your association with Rustomjee

It was like a typical agency pitch. The brief was that Rustomjee wanted to create child friendly properties as most families search for house keeping in mind the facilities and amenities available nearby and within the complex for their children. So we came up with the idea of “Childhood Available” campaign that focused on child-friendly principles in a print and outdoor advertising. In fact, the developer aligned their products taking care of smallest of details like height of the switch, rounded corners etc. in their projects to align with the campaign concept.

Another campaign ‘My Space’ creative is all about inspiring individuals to pursue their hobbies and make space for friends and family and more. Such as, the performance deck – a great way of reliving one’s college band days, of singing or playing a musical instrument for an intimate audience, the ballroom –  to take up salsa or a classical dance form like waltz or foxtrot and the aqua-gym – designed to get inspired for work out. Rustomjee provides these spaces in its new project and we highlighted the same through the outdoor and print campaign.

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