Interview with Rajan Goregaokar, Founder, GA Design

Interview with Rajan Goregaokar, Founder, GA Design
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What are the expectations from the realty market in the new year?

Realty trends of 2018 seem to be on the upward rise. Largely due to implementation of RERA. RERA has created new found confidence in the buyers about the developers. It has given them assurance that they will not be cheated and if at all that happens, there is an organization which is answerable to their grievances. It was always a big question mark as to the exact area of the apartment the buyer was paying for. With RERA regulations all these ambiguities have been sorted out, giving new found confidence to the buyers.

With ever rising prices and the standard of living changing, we will probably see the design trends changing as far as planning of residential development is concerned. Conventional one bedroom apartments are now being designed in such a way that they could be remodeled internally into two bedroom apartments. Developers also have the pulse of the market and are constructing smaller size apartments with budget ticket prices. All this said and done, developers are not compromising on the amenities of the residential developments which form an integral part of any development.

So, yes, the Realty scenario looks bright and optimistic for the year 2018.


How do you see the architecture field growing in the coming years?

As mentioned earlier, design changes catering to maximum efficiency of space and new life styles are the factors which are pushing the architects towards being more and more creative. Realty market has understood that good and efficient design makes their product superior than their competitors and in turn increases their expectancy from the Architect.


Your views on the real-estate client’s changing needs & aspirations.

In today’s scenario clients are very much aware of the efficiency of space in planning as they are paying high market value for their residential requirements. Proper design which would suit the interior planning is expected from the developers selling their projects. Clients also expect a pleasing and interesting aesthetic of the residential development.

Clients also expect that their life style would change for the better and expect the developer to be aware and fulfill this need. Grand entrance areas, large and exciting club spaces, gardens and greenery and children areas catering to their children’s needs such as playing areas, crèches, schools if possible are some of the aspirations the clients have of the developer.


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