Is luxury real estate here to stay in Dubai?

Is luxury real estate here to stay in Dubai?
14/05/2019 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

For many, the appeal of Dubai is captured in certain superlative experiences – and serious buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to investing in their dream homes. While the largest and highest elements add essential layers to the destination’s luxury quotient, its most attractive offering is its unrivaled portfolio of luxury properties.

Equally, market research firm New World Wealth ranks the UAE among the top five countries for millionaire migration.

Compared to long-standing global luxury real estate hubs like London and Singapore, Dubai is relatively new to the segment, with foreign house ownership coming in to effect only in 2002.

Yet, in a short span of time, the emirate has invested in mega projects and infrastructure to deliver high-end, opulent lifestyles that today is the accepted Dubai standard. Luxury homes in the city are increasingly being built to transport people to the experience of their choice.

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