Jindal Bricks Receives E3 Certification by Bureau of Energy Efficiency

Jindal Bricks Receives E3 Certification by Bureau of Energy Efficiency
25/11/2021 , by , in ALLIED

Jindal Bricks has been awarded the Energy Efficient Enterprise (E3) certification by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India, Ministry of Power. The certificate was received in the category of Market Transformation Initiative for Energy Efficiency in Burnt-Clay Brick Sector, for Jindal’s multi-hole bricks and hollow blocks.

With over 65 varieties of bricks and tiles under its portfolio of offerings, Jindal Bricks is a pioneering manufacturer of multi-hole extruded bricks. A part of its ‘Brick and Pavers’ collection, this weatherproof product is engineered to offer excellent thermal and sound insulation, and fast and easy installation during the construction process, translating to lower energy bills for the buildings.

Furthermore, the bricks are made from non-fertile or waste clay, and are of consistent quality and high durability, allowing buyers to save on materials like cement, plaster, POP, paint, and recurring maintenance costs, thereby increasing the sustainability of the building.

The E3 scheme is a voluntary certification offered by the BEE to accelerate the technology shift in the building industry and promote the adoption of energy-efficient building materials and sustainable building materials. It is awarded based on three parameters to brick manufacturers who successfully adopt energy efficiency in their product life cycle – energy consumed in the manufacturing stage, energy consumed during the installation of the building material, and the amount of energy saved after installation.

Lakshay Jindal, Director and CMO at ,Jindal Bricks, said, “The E3 certification is an acknowledgement given by the Government of India, for our efforts towards manufacturing sustainable building materials. This certificate, in a way, also helps set up benchmarks for other brick manufacturers. At Jindal bricks, we have a target of manufacturing net-zero energy products for buildings by 2025, where the energy required to manufacture, transport, and install, equals the energy saved after installation.”

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