Jogeshwari’s housing society demands Rs 450 crore

Jogeshwari’s housing society demands Rs 450 crore
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Legal notices demanding Rs 450 crore have been slapped on the spouses of eight members by the managing committee of a housing society in Jogeshwari (East) for allegedly defaming the society, refusing to pay maintenance and making the sale and renting of flats difficult.

TS Natarajan and Mohit Bharadwaj, members of Oberoi Splendor Flat Owners’ Association (OSFOA), have been crusading for the last five years on various forums to deregister Splendor Complex Co-operative Housing Society (CHS) in Jogeshwari (East). Also, cases are pending in the City Civil Court, Bombay High court since September 2016 and the co-operative court challenging the validity of the managing committee and their takeover of the society in January 2016, as they allege that the society was ‘fraudulently’ formed with Oberoi Realty Ltd and rejected by flat owners.

Incidentally, the two members’ spouses – Seema Natarajan and Dr Samita Bharadwaj – along with six other members, who have no locus standi in the matter, have been served the legal notices to pay the society Rs 450 crore by way of damages and compensation within seven days.

The legal notices in possession with Mirror states,”You along with few other residents, with active connivance and common intention have been questioning the existence of our clients – Society – and terming the managing committee as “fraud” and directly attacking the duly elected members of the managing committee by calling them stooges of the builders. You, along with few other residents who align with your thoughts and plan of action, have been falsely portraying to all the flat purchasers/occupants of Splendor Complex CHS that our clients has no authority to collect amounts towards maintenance and other charges and have gone on to term the requests of our clients as “extortion.” You have been in a routine manner issuing defamatory and scandalous statements against the society and its members.”

The legal notice also states that Natarjan and Bharadwaj have affected the finances of the society and the maintenance charges and dues of the society were instead being paid to OSFOA by other flat owners. It also states that the two have brought down the value of the flats making it difficult to rent and sell the flats in Splendor Complex CHS.

“This is a blatant, downright lowliest form of intimidation to cow us down by sending legal notices to our near and dear ones. This in itself confederates strongly all my accusations on the fraudulently registered and legally challenged society of the builder,” said Natarajan.

Natarajan produced documents to Mirror to show that after March 11, 2014, an order was given by Vikas Rasal, divisional joint registrar, to deregister the society after which it ceased to exist and registration of the said society was cancelled. “The only thing they could do was re-reregister but they didn’t do it as per the law. Once a society is formed, the builder has no role. But the builder appealed against Rasal’s order and we are challenging that in the court of law and the Lokayukta,” said Natarajan.

“My wife Dr Samita Bharadwaj isn’t even the flat owner. We are standing tough and not giving up. Majority of them have given up this fight due to their arm-twisting method and since the legal system is slow they want us to wither,” said Bharadwaj.

Bharadwaj said a criminal complaint was filed in 2017 with the Meghwadi police station wherein the Andheri metropolitan court is investigating the collusion between deputy registrar, K (East) ward and the existing managing committee for opening bank accounts and using the society seal. The next hearing in the Bombay high court is scheduled for February 22, 2018.

When Girish Chitre, chairman of managing committee, Splendor Complex (CHS) was contacted, he refrained from commenting and asked this reporter to get in touch with its legal team.

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