JP Infra breaks the clutter through a unique campaign

JP Infra breaks the clutter through a unique campaign
25/02/2020 , by , in ALLIED

For the last two weeks, Donald Joshi has caught the eye of Mumbaikars creating curiosity by displaying his extravagant dreams coming true. He has been seen on billboards, king-size hoardings, newspaper ads; heard on the radio and has appeared in digital ads too. And in all of them, he is seen enjoying the good life – flying to London, buying a swanky new car, a solitaire for his wife, and enrolling his kid into an international school. Nobody knew who he was, except that you had to visit to know more about him.

So, Donald Joshi is the guy who saves money by buying an affordable home in JP Infra’s Mira Road project called ‘North Garden City’ and uses the saving to buy a swanky new car, send his parents on a cruise, fly to London, throw a big party on a private island, bought a diamond-studded watch, got his child admitted to an international school and bought a solitaire for his wife?

The campaign was launched in two phases. First, a teaser campaign was rolled out with interesting copies talking about the dreams of Donald Joshi such as ‘Donald Joshi is flying to London’ or ‘Donald Joshi brought a solitaire for wife’ along with a message ‘Watch this space to know how’. Following that, the unveil campaign spoke that how he did that where the brand gave a simple reason that ‘All because Donald Joshi saved 15 lacs by investing in their economical property project’.

The quirky campaign was crafted by JP Infra to promote its new project called ‘Codename Now or Never’ offering a wholesome and luxurious lifestyle tailored to nourish physical as well as spiritual well-being located on Mira Road. The campaign was aimed to stand out from other real estate promotions which are primarily adorned with stock images. However, the brand ideated to build a character which is relatable with the common man and his dreams.

Speaking about the campaign idea, Mr. Deepak Nair, Head-Marketing, JP Infra Mumbai Pvt. Ltd, “Most real estate companies often use stock images to promote their offerings but JP Infra wanted to stand out and break the clutter. We thought about the individual who would buy our property and imagined what he would like to do. That is how we came up with the idea of creating a character to talk to people and that’s why we created Donald Joshi.”

About the company’s main target audience, Nair says, “We are aiming at young Indians who’ve just started a family, the millennials and those who believe in the notion that buying property is a solid and valuable investment.”

He further adds that buying a house has never been only a solid financial move but an emotional one too because in this country, owning a home is considered an important step in a person’s life.

The multimedia campaign also included OOH medium to create a recall for the project and build higher impact. The campaign was deployed across Mahim to Chakala stretch targeting Western suburban to Virar to Mira road especially targeting the middle-class audience that bank upon their investments/savings to fulfill their wishes. The intriguing campaign got an overwhelming response to the brand and was a major hit amongst the masses.

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