Kamathipura tenants may go upto 525 sqft

Kamathipura tenants may go upto 525 sqft
15/09/2016 , by , in News/Views

As many as 400 out of 500 landlords owning 700 buildings in Kamathipura which is spread over 39 acres across 16 lanes have prepared a master plan. If it takes off 7,000 tenants, majority of people living 80 sqft tenements with five-member families will be leading a comfortable life in 525 sqft area.

It will also be the largest urban renewal scheme in Kamathipura. As per the cluster redevelopment rules, larger the area for redevelopment, bigger the flats.

The project will cost Rs 7,284 crore. It will have 24 towers of 23 storeys each as the rehab component. The plan will enable five large gardens and an equal number of playgrounds.

Kamathipura has seen redevelopment in scattered parts in the recent years.

Local MLA A min Patel, who has been part of several meetings cautioned saying, “ A flat for every 50 sqm is fine. But if the plot size is 60 m or 70 m, then landlords should agree to monetary compensation for the balance area. A 525 sqft flat in lieu of an additional 10m would make the project economically unviable for the developer.

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