Kingdom in Dream: The Prime Minster

Kingdom in Dream: The Prime Minster
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This novel leads the life of common people young men and farming crisis. My mission is to serve the nation, says PandurangTanaji More.

Pandurang More is a farmer with a difference and he says I am interested in doing something for my country and for the poor people.While most farmers are facing a crisis of water scarcity, which has driven many to commit suicides, Pandurang More has penned a novel in English to air farmers’ woes. His novel ‘Kingdom In Dream: The Prime Minister’s protagonist is the son of a farmer who goes on to become Prime Minister. But the dedication page of the book has the name of former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Hero of this novel also grinds coarsely in social and political system. He has an honest wish to bring about a big change but he couldn’t do any outside of his dreams. Only drams they have which also depend on other people those have a lot of money. They don’t have a ‘life’ we call it ‘spirit’, on the other hand, new day rises with a new problem. When a question of leadership raises, at that time young people those have farming background should be considered firstly. If they would lead, somewhere social equality would arrive and social classes might finish. ‘Money and power made the leaders stones’. Whenever the nation won’t get a young farmer leader, we can’t stop a trail of the nation.

PandurangTanaji More said “inspiration” not “imposition” which produces results , that after going through the agonies of being a farmer, he realised the system had to undergo a transformation, and for that one has to enter politics.  The son of Sitabai and Tanaji, unlettered farmers in the tiny village of Pangav in Solapur’sBarshitaluka, pandurangtanaji more got a decent education. His parents ensured that he finished school, after which he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Education (B. Ed.) Following a stint as an assistant professor, More decided to work in the soil. But while in the field, he felt the need to express the troubles farmers face. Hence was born his first novel, ‘Kingdom In Dream: The Prime Minister’. He penned it in English so that he reaches to a wider audience. He said all children should be taught English right from primary schools. More said “inspiration” not “imposition” which produces results, that after going through the agonies of being a farmer, he realised the system had to undergo a transformation, and for that one has to enter politics.

The novel, ‘Kingdom In Dream: The Prime Minister’ has been published by Patridge India. More already possesses the manuscript of his second novel ‘White Money’. He has also penned some plays and a poetry collection, which are in line for publication.

India is an agriculture nation. The economy of India more than half percent depends on it. Farmer is an important aspect of this system. He being only honest, who has to spend whole life to work hard in a farm? He works to provide the food for nation so we call him ‘guardian’. He works over days and night to make prosperous nation.

Agriculture nation like India, where the farmers get ill treatment and humiliation. They have a question to work or leave this field?  It is very bad time for them because it attempts to finish them. To have work in the farm, they don’t get that much money to fulfill their bread and butter also. Their life becomes very difficult and complicated with every days new crisis. It is no wrong to call that they have no life.

Like farmers, the situation of their children is not different. They have already no money and the education field demands it a lot. Whatever they get education this is insufficient to eke a living. Lot of children leave the schools and colleges cause of money and those attempts to learn, they have to take money from money lenders. Their dreams stay remains and dreams and they begin to live the monotonous life, against their wishes.Development and progress had given a birth to politics. We have received ‘democracy’ the government of people, for people to people. But is becomes ‘policracy’ only command of politics. The social reformers and social workers have to gathered society and raised the voice of common people. They have devoted life to change the social system and attempted let us know real leadership and rights. Where honesty and social welfare were the aspects of their service.

In the course of time, the concept like politics, development, patriotism, right and responsibilities have turned into benefit. Extremely selfishness has changed these definitions. Where is a benefit, there is everything like politics, development, patriotism and all politics. ‘Service’ alternated in benefits very artfully and skillfully. The politics uses only word service to robe the nation and they make it poor.

 “Money for politics and politics for money” this new formula arrives. Now a day’s politics becomes an occupation to earn a lot money. Everybody looks it as a hen of the golden eggs, and everyone enters this field for money. In short politics doesn’t remain the field of service but of benefits. Leadership goes to heritages and relatives and leaders monopolize it. It becomes ‘impolites’ immoral politics.

 The government is always with its employers and it aggress their demands. It befools to the farmers, labours, farm workers and young people. It pays a lot money on employers and it also brings new plans to give whole money to them. The government’s wrong policies may create the social classes and social clashes. It works and plans wrongly so still common people have to struggle for their bread and butter.

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