Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Kitchen Design Trends for 2016
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India’s home space is ever evolving. There was a time when all families lived in large houses, where there was one kitchen for everybody to access. Nowadays, the family size and living space has become smaller per household. Every room in a home is given special attention in terms of aesthetics, practicality, design, and detail. This is especially apparent in the kitchen, which was purely seen as a space that needed to be practical to accomplish the daily tasks. As a kitchen becomes more engrained in the rest of the home, there is equal importance placed in aesthetic design and practicality in today’s kitchen space. In 2016, upcoming kitchen trends are accommodating both of these factors: aesthetics and practicality. Below are the top 5 kitchen trends of 2016.

Blending Different Elements in the Kitchen Design (metal, glass, concrete)- As kitchen aesthetics and design become more important, enhancing the design with various elements is becoming more popular. In 2016, it is expected to see more kitchens with elements of liquid glass in the cabinetry, metallic finish, and certain elements of concrete interior. Concrete interiors give the kitchen a modern industrial vibe, making the kitchen look even more contemporary, while glass adds a level of sophistication to an ultra-modern kitchen. In metal, materials such as brass, copper, iron, chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum are expected to be seen. Metal elements in the kitchen adds that extra pizzaz to the entire kitchen!

Smart Kitchens w/Efficient Furniture Elements- As our lives become more digitized, modern-day kitchens are increasingly incorporating advanced technology in everyday use. From smart appliances to computerized cooktops that can remember recipes, kitchen technology is greatly advancing. In fact, many of the kitchens provide the option of a tablet or smartphone holder to read a recipe while using the kitchen! The concept of smart kitchens does not stop there. The overall design and functionality is also becoming more efficient, allowing the kitchen to become a space to accomplish much more than the conventional tasks! For example, many modern kitchens allow the option of adding a pull-out ironing board to iron your clothes while keeping an eye on your cooking at the same time! These technological elements are transform the entire purpose and use of the modern kitchen, allowing multiple tasks to be completed easily and efficiently to accommodating our busy lifestyle.

Advanced Storage Solutions & Compact Furniture- Kitchen spaces are increasingly getting smaller and the desire for an efficient, compact kitchen design is more preferable. Any space-saving solutions, such as compact dining furniture, or pull-out storage solutions are becoming more favorable options for the overall kitchen design. Kitchen ergonomics influences the overall storage and organization of the entire space, and ultimately, impacts the kitchen design itself. One of the modern and popular storage solutions is open shelving, which adds to the contemporary appeal of any kitchen. Contrary to a conventional cabinet, which appears larger, and makes a kitchen feel more closed, open shelves serve the dual purpose of being both practical and attractive, allowing the user to display and organize their kitchen items appropriately.

Artistic Accents in Kitchen Decor- In terms of kitchen aesthetics, bright and unusual interiors with unique character are consuming the modern kitchen decor trends. To make kitchens appear bright and modern. Many users are choosing to personalize the space by adding bright, decorative accents with striking color combinations. These small details add visual interest, and make a kitchen appear more individual and unique.
Neutral Color Palette with/without Bright Accents- Neutral colors are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. White kitchen designs are still very popular, and today’s designers suggest incorporating the sophistication of grey, cream, or beige tones in the kitchen. Even earth tones, such as a natural green, add to neutral color palette. Some users leave the neutral palette as it is, while others add that extra burst of color with bold statements. Mixing the neutrals with bright accents, such as a brightly-colored refrigerator is one of the most prominent kitchen design trends of 2016.

The overall kitchen design is becoming smarter, attractive, and more efficient. At, smart kitchen solutions are designed to accommodate today’s modern lifestyle.

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