KONE Office Flow for High-Rise

KONE Office Flow for High-Rise
06/11/2020 , by , in ALLIED

KONE introduces a new solution for offices, high-rise buildings and commercial developments: KONE Office Flow™. It transforms how people can move in a lobby or from floor to floor, combining new connected services for elevators, personalized access management and adaptability over the lifetime of buildings, unlike anything in the industry. KONE Office Flow brings a next generation people flow experience to the office, to meet the evolving needs for smart and sustainable high-rise buildings.

KONE Office Flow has been co-created together with customers and users. As the changing nature of work and digitalization transforms the workplace, KONE Office Flow means a smarter, safer and connected environment is possible today. With touchless access, and predictive elevator calling, it integrates with mobile devices, removing the need for key cards and tags. It features a newly designed destination control system, visitor management and guidance, to reduce waiting and journey times. KONE Office Flow can be adapted to meet the aesthetic design of a building, to optimize people flow, increase safety and set a new standard for tenants, employees and guests.

Connectivity means new applications and different types of equipment and services can be added now and in the future. As organizations look to improve office well-being, reduce their environmental footprint and create new smarter workplaces, open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can securely connect elevators with a growing range of solutions and services. Service robots, navigation apps, smart office and visitor management solutions, or customer-branded applications can be integrated.

KONE is working with leading companies in the field of smart buildings and smart access and today announces that it is working with new ecosystem partners including dormakaba, Schneider Electric, Siemens and Smarten Spaces.

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