Kurl-on’s introduces new range of innovative pillows

Kurl-on’s introduces new range of innovative pillows
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Home is where the heart is. And nothing can be more comfortable than a soft pillow by your side at home to round it off.

Traditionally, think of pillows and what comes to mind are the ubiquitous rectangular piece that sit on the cot. Driven by passion for innovation and backed by strong R&D, Kurl-on, India’s leading mattress brand has demonstrated that pillows need not necessarily be the traditional, archaic cotton pillows which is used for resting the head. Kurl-on’s recent launch of a range of pillows lends credence to this.

One of the most innovative pillow design from Kurl-on is the Rectangle Soft Wedge pillow. A 3-in-1 pillow, the Rectangle Wedge Pillow is ideal for leg rest, head rest and back rest. Triangular in shape and is more comfortable than the rectangular normal pillow. Made from PU foam, the Wedge pillow is specially designed for people who prefer higher body support. It provides the body a certain level of elevation with a medium firm comfort level. The price for the Rectangular Soft Wedge pillow is INR 1999

The Music Pillow is another must have. The pillow is embedded with no-touch speakers inside the pillow with an auxiliary port. Just connect your mobile or iPod and enjoy personalised music without disturbing your partner. Made from ultra-soft poly-fibres, the Music Pillow has a soft quilted outer surface. The price for the Music pillow is INR 2199.

The Glacies Gel pillow is yet another example of innovation at Kurl-on. Although the monsoon is a reliever from the summer heat; rain also brings with it humidity. There’s nothing that makes sleeping more uncomfortable than overheating. The Glacies Gel Pillow is designed to create proper circulation of air which helps to maintain ideal temperature all night long. Made from memory foam, the pillow is designed to place your spine in proper alignment throughout the night. The price Glacies Gel pillow is INR 3395

Commenting on these innovative offerings, Prashant Deshpande – Head Marketing, Kurl-on says, “At Kurl-on we are driven by the passion to continuously innovate and offer customers newer and innovative range of products. Our range of pillows is lends credence to this. Our aim to introduce these range of pillows was born out of the idea to not only offer unique pillows, but also add elegance to one’s home”

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