Land procurement for Jewar airport to start by January-end

Land procurement for Jewar airport to start by January-end
14/01/2019 , by , in News/Views

The district administration will start acquiring 1,334 hectares for Jewar airport by January-end, divisional commissioner Anita Meshram said on Friday.

According to her, the administration had sent its report on the land to the state government under Section 19 of Land Acquisition Act. The acquisition will start once the notification is issued.

The administration had done rigorous exercises for the project and got clearance at different levels, she said. “We are in a position to start land acquisition. Hopefully, the process will start by January-end. The airport will change the economy of this area and bring more development,” she said.

Meshram said that Jewar is suitable for airport project due to its strategic location and proximity to Delhi, Noida and other states like Rajasthan and Haryana. “This is also an ideal location as there are no major development projects, wetland or heritage site in neighbourhood which would be affected,” she said.

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