Lateral expansion is of utmost importance for realty to flourish

Lateral expansion is of utmost importance for realty to flourish
Jun 2019 , by , in Interviews

Realty+ in conversation with Rahul Singla, Director, Mapsko Group, discusses the complexities of the Aravali forest land issue and the government’s involvement.

What is the reason behind the Haryana government opening up forest land for construction?

The Government has amended the age-old Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) saying that it was the “need of the hour,” and much has changed over a period of time. The matter is sub judice now and it won’t be appropriate to comment on the subject at this point of time.

Will there be benefits of more land availability for city growth & development?

There is a limitation to vertical growth; lateral expansion is of the utmost importance for the real estate to flourish. Any town which has good availability of land has more opportunities for the real estate sector to propel; especially for the ready-to-move-in properties. The accelerated urbanisation and rapid migration have led to a shortage of land in Gurugram. This has led to increased property prices of the city, making it difficult for a common man to own a property.

With more land available here at an affordable price, the city will attract investors and the demand for the area will increase further.

Will this decision have an adverse effect on the already shaky environment and ecology in Delhi-NCR?

Be it a government or large corporate, everyone is dedicated to safeguarding the environment. The government role has been instrumental in protecting the environment. Government scheme like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan aims to protect the environment. National Afforestation Program and Green India Mission contribute towards the regeneration of degraded forests and their adjoining areas in the country. Other initiatives like tree plantations and awareness drives have been being organised from time to time. A recent report said that the world has grown greener, thanks to the effort taken by India & China. Many corporate are also coming up and working in this direction. If we look around hoods of barren land is adding to the woes of the city’s pollution. It is time that the administration identifies such areas and takes steps towards afforestation of these areas which would help in the restoration of Delhi-NCR.

Since the Hon’ble Supreme Court is looking into the matter and will be taking into consideration the government’s point of view, it won’t be suitable to comment on the subject at present.

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