Leading the way with ‘Green & Sustainable’ products: AIS

Leading the way with ‘Green & Sustainable’ products: AIS
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In an exclusive interaction with Realty Plus, Vikram Khanna, COO of Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS), talks about the journey of the brand, which spans over 3 decades- the triumph and turbulences they faced and how on the sheer dint of product innovation they emerged out to be the leading lglass manufacturing company in the country. Excerpts…

The Company’s origin can be traced to the JV agreement between the Labroo family, Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. (AGC), Japan and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. in 1984. AIS has always been driven by market-leading innovations that provide the right blend of energy saving and daylight, technology and sensitivity, visual and thermal comfort, along with the state-of-art-glass manufacturing facilities. AIS products support sustainable future and also facilitate the age of green buildings.

AIS has 4 Strategic Business Units (SBU’s) – Automotive Glass, Architectural Glass, Consumer Glass and Solar Glass.

The glass product portfolio of AIS offers customized solutions to meet the functional needs. With products that provide the right blend of daylight, visual comfort and thermal control, energy saving, Eco-sensitivity, and technology AIS brings new ideas to life – enabling an age of a truly sustainable future with green infrastructure. AIS has unique glass processing capability, which include processing of value-added glass products.


Products and Services:

Different applications call for different glass products, because each form of application has its own unique demands. Even when it comes to external glazing – or internal glazing – there are different needs even though the area where the glass product is being used is the same.

AIS has a wide range of products to suit every need that glass finds application in. The range of internal glazing solutions from AIS includes a variety of specialised and value-added products that not only make your space look beautiful, but also keep in you in comfort. Glass can be used for a variety of applications such as in the design of separators and mirrors, table-tops, interior doors, customised furniture, stairways, floors, etc.

Structurally sound and pleasing to the eye, external glazing solutions from AIS combine superior thermal properties with enhanced strength. Ideal for use in door and windows, skylights and facades, these products are technically better and provide greater value when compared to traditional materials.

Wave Group, Tanglin, K Raheja Corp, RNA Corp, DLF are few of our architectural glass clients.

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