Legrand India launches ‘Living Now’ range of electric controls

Legrand India launches ‘Living Now’ range of electric controls
Sep 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Legrand India, one of the global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure, announced the launch of Living Now, a revolutionary range of electric controls, which characterizes extreme purity of design and a precision of its geometries to suit all homes. It can be installed to show its innovative potential with connected smart systems.  

Legrand’s Living Now provides full-touch controls with an interface that opens to user experience. Interaction with it is immediate and it is also pleasant to touch, due to the line and the materials chosen. The patented “full-touch” controls completely revolutionize the key ergonomics. It can be operated by precisely touching any of its parts at the centre, top or bottom. Once the key has been pressed, it returns to its position, while always remaining perfectly aligned.

Living Now enables users to choose different color plates that fit their room color. The devices feature an aesthetic part, with 16 options for the cover plates and 3 different options for switch colors – white, sand, and black, to fit in with different styles of living. The surface is satin, more pleasant to touch. The device is made from various materials like advanced polymer, metal, and wood. Living Now frames can move freely on the four corners, guaranteeing that it is attached to the body in a simple and always optimum way, giving an appearance of a floating frame.  

The product targets the Luxury residential & hospitality segment through architects, builders, consultants and system integrators. The brand has been at the core of providing the best for its customers, the new series concentrates on the management of the three main functions of the electric system: Traditional switches & sockets, IoT products & Home automation and interacts with them in three different ways: via the traditional controls, via a smartphone and, via voice controls. 

 Tony Berland, CEO & Managing Director, Legrand India said, “We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Living Now, an international product introduced for our Indian consumers. We believe people have become technology savvy and it is essential to give consumers the right solutions for all their needs. Hence, Living Now is a latest trend for design and technology perspective.” He further added, “The system’s operability will allow Living Now to adapt to new technologies and open new scenarios. New products development has been an integral part of our growth engine & we plan to stick to that philosophy” 

Sameer Saxena, Director- Marketing, Legrand India said, “Legrand strongly believes that customers are at the heart of the Innovation. Keeping in mind that customers are our priority we decided to launch Living Now. The idea behind this range of products was to create smart systems that can ensure comfort for our customers by interaction with each other using our technology.” 



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