Legrand showcases Smart automation solutions through its new series

Legrand showcases Smart automation solutions through its new series
07/08/2019 , by , in ALLIED

Legrand India, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure is all set to launch their lifestyle infotainment series – All in A Wink. The series brings out how Legrand’s lighting controls and Home systems highlights three important aspects i.e. Convivence, Security and Energy Conservation for their customers. The company launched the trailer and will premiere the first episode on August 7th (Wednesday) on Good Times TV and YouTube.

Legrand India has beautifully conveyed the capabilities of automation through a four-episode series. Each episode showcases the role of lighting control and home systems in different spaces and how the technology has played an important role in not only making the location look attractive but also supporting energy conservation during the process.

The four episodes are shot in four diverse locations:
1. Grand Orient Hall, Panchkula, Chandigarh
2. Kakinada Shopping Mall, Andhra Pradesh
3. Bhamashan State Data Center, Jaipur
4. Individual Bungalow, Mangalore

The series encapsulates the offerings of Legrand’s Lighting controls and Automation technology and its capability to offer customised solution for every customer wish list. Legrand Home Automation offers solutions which are fit for multiple spaces/sectors like shopping malls, individual bungalows and commercial spaces etc. The brand through this series plans to reach out to its customer directly to increase brand resonance.

Sameer Saxena, Director -Marketing, Legrand India, “Legrand supplies the essential fuels of daily life, thereby enabling uninterruped living. This belief of uniteruppted living is just not limited to a market or a product, but also daily lives of our consumers. The Vantage Home Automation technology at Legrand enables its customers to get customised scenarios and mood in a banquet hall or at home or even in a shopping mall. The Lighting Control and Home Systems enables the users to conserve energy. With this we want to reach out to our customers and creat awarness & active engagment amoung consultants and contractors. We at Legrand always ensure that our products are energy efficient, support energy conservation and reduce the carbon footprints. In the entire series Legrand has showcased diffent locations where the Vantage Lighting and automation technology is used efficiently.”

He further added, “Video content is at the forefront of digital marketing today. Legrand as a company through this series would like to take one step further into the digital ecosystem and engage our modern-day consumer into a meaningful dialogue. The younger India is adopting smarter ways of living and creating their spaces- be it in their connected homes or relationships. At Legrand we are happy to be part of this modern environment though our products and we thought web series is effective medium to showcase this to the young and technology loving India.”


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