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“Being able to walk away from transactions which do not honour your principles, makes more room for those which do! Great journeys call for one step at a time, and the direction our path takes is defined by every choice we make. Rani Wilfred, Co-founder Rewa Realty and Principal Co-founder, Delphi Luxury Realty

How have you maintained synergies between professional and personal life?

My professional life defines a very important dimension of my existence and I put all my heart into it. Family time, community service, fitness, and desire to learn new skills things which foster our creativity are important to live a balanced life. I am a biker, and a jeeper. I love nature and gardening. Animal welfare is an integral part of my life.

What are some of the career achievements that are close to your heart?

The highlight of my real estate journey is being recognized and appreciated by friends in the domain as a ‘Real Estate Best Practices’ coach and mentor. I have been practicing and endorsing a transparent, accountable and ethical way of conducting real estate transactions for over two decades. Initially I was ridiculed by other real estate professionals and also by some clients who could not understand the intent to add value to the service by being totally organised and adopting tech for communication and sharing all relevant information when the internet arrived.

What are the general perceptions about women in your field of career and how have you handled them?

I have never been gender conscious and never let it come in the way of developing myself and learning. It sometimes works to our advantage when people do not expect much from us, because it gives us the opportunity to meet and exceed their expectations. During the initial days of my real estate practice, I did sense an undercurrent of resentment and deprecation from some male real estate professionals, but soon they realised that I was not only as capable as them, but also absolutely determined to stay in the business. The number of women real estate professionals in India is dismally low. It motivated me to create REWA (Real Estate Women Associates).

My goal is to inspire women in India to step forward to enter the real estate services domain, and set up successful businesses. Women can make excellent real estate service providers and property managers.

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