Lincoln Plaza ugliest new building

Lincoln Plaza ugliest new building
09/09/2016 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Lincoln Plaza, a 31-storey block of luxury flats near Canary Wharf, has been named Britain’s worst new building in the 2016 Carbuncle Cup. While its designers describe it as a “prestigious and sophisticated landmark”, Building and Design, the magazine that launched the annual prize in 2006, wholeheartedly disagrees.

“Were anyone in any doubt as to the delusion and gall that has gripped London’s luxury housing market, then this asinine quotation should settle the matter once and for all,” it says. “Lincoln Plaza is a putrid, pugilistic horror show that should never have been built. In its bilious cladding, chaotic form, adhesive balconies and frenzied facades, it exhibits the absolute worst in shambolic architectural design and cheap visual gimmickry.”

The dressing-down continues: “Essentially, this building is the architectural embodiment of sea sickness, waves of nausea frozen in sheaths of glass and coloured aluminium that, when stared at for too long, summon queasiness, discomfort and, if you’re really unlucky, a reappearance of lunch as inevitably as puddles after a rainstorm.”


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