Livvehomes Raises $5M Second Funding In A Year From Angel Investors

Livvehomes Raises $5M Second Funding In A Year From Angel Investors
Mar 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Livvehomes is one of the top most real estate firms in India. It’s a startup based in Kerala, and offers online deposit and Payment platforms for owners as well as for tenants has raised $5M in the second funding from angel investors. Livvehomes had previously raised a funding round of 1.5 million us dollars and with this round it has raised a total of 6.5 million USD till date.

From the last 5 years the company has been providing great living standards to increase their value by taking up unfurnished as well as semi furnished homes from the owners, furnish them and further rent them to tenants and most importantly without any deposits. The main aim of the company is to change the mindset of owners and tenants by giving them a safe and secure platform to transact on. Tenants provide a zero deposit model with a great luxury living experience by renovating these houses and adding in house furniture, decor and appliances. The company has more than 4800 properties across Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Dubai and other regions.

The companies COO Mayya Lakshman said, “We are pumped up with the change in the Housing ecosystem. With this change and boost of Motivation we are sure we will change how people perceive rental space till now. The funds would be used to renovate more and more normal homes and make them a totally functional, beautiful living space.” She further added “Starting our Pune showrooms will provide a new kind of experience to people who are looking to convert their houses a great living experience. As of Now we have completed renovating over 4500 houses and we are looking forward to making at least 12,000 houses till 2021 finishes.”

Besides this Livvehomes ensures that the tenants don’t get harrased for their deposits when they are Vacating the property through their deposit less model. Kerala Based Startup Livvehomes has been funded by from an undisclosed Angel Investors. As per sources they have given fund of around 5 Million dollars. The space provider said that it will use the funds to add more Quality Furnished homes to their list and further connect more tenants and landlords on their platform.

Funding and Fundraising would be utilized in order to stabilize the company’s operations. Using the Raised Funds Livvehomes will offer a uniform set of furniture across all its properties and ensures no owners or tenants face any hidden charges. Using the raised funds it looks to increase its Operational efficiency which further helps in the development of the property. Also, now live homes will be starting a furniture and interiors showrooms in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, and Chennai to provide its home renovation and quality furniture to customers outside its current operational spectrum.

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