Lodha Luxury Collaborates With Isprava To Provide Luxury Living

Lodha Luxury Collaborates With Isprava To Provide Luxury Living
Dec 2020 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Lodha Luxury, the finest luxury brand by India’s largest real estate developer, collaborates with Isprava to provide a first-of-its-kind bespoke offering. The collaboration will feature two exclusively designed villas at The Reserve at Lodha Belmondo that is envisioned to provide the ultimate resort inspired weekend living experience.  

The portfolio ranges from lavish residences to private townhouses at some of  the most desirable addresses across Mumbai and London. Each architectural masterpiece at  Lodha Luxury is designed for a unique and rare experience. Comprising of elegant residences  such as, Lodha Maison, Lodha Seamont, Lodha Altamount, Lodha Ciel and No.1 Grosvenor  Square, Lodha Luxury properties are custom-designed by the world’s leading architects &  interior designers, delivering the highest standards in luxury living. 

The Isprava designed villas at The Reserve in Lodha Belmondo are fringed by the Sahyadri Hills  and overlook the Pavana River. Conceptualized to marry sharp modernity and a tranquil slice  of the outdoors with some classic elements and exceptional global lifestyle amenities, the  exclusive partnership aims at providing the perfect weekend home to kick back, relax and  unwind as well as entertain. A contrast in design with art deco elements that marry seamlessly  into crisp modern design, typical of the unique savoir-faire offered by Isprava, one feels amid  an international getaway in a space created to experience luxury yet entirely at home, making  it the perfect second home to relax, recharge and repeat. 

Vinti Lodha , Advisor at Lodha Luxury says, “Lodha luxury  is committed to crafting and providing bespoke living experiences. Our collaboration with  Isprava is a testament to Lodha Luxury’s promise: creating unique masterpieces that represent  the highest standards in luxury living through the eclectic combination of masterful  craftsmanship at the most desirable locations in the world, offering the most luxurious  hospitality. Isprava’s design philosophy is in perfect harmony with our brand ethos, and the  collaboration ensures that we will continue to deliver unique experiences with the major  lifestyle shift and ever-evolving consumer preferences that our patrons have come to expect  from us.” 

Isprava spokesperson, Nibhrant adds, “We are really excited to partner with Lodha Luxury.  We are designing the interiors of two villas at The Reserve in Lodha Belmondo which are  designed to create a synergy between the old and the new. The interiors of the villas are  built around creating harmony between the outdoors and indoors. Each villa will have a  modern and majestic feel with art deco elements, at Isprava we endeavor to create unique  experiences for our clients. Each of our homes in Goa, Coonoor and Alibaug are exclusively designed to build not just a home but an inimitable lifestyle.”

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