London the First Investor in Egypt’s Suddenly-Global Real Estate Market

London the First Investor in Egypt’s Suddenly-Global Real Estate Market
30/11/2018 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

The big news out of the Middle East is that Egypt is finally opening to investors. The Egypt Property ShowEgypt, is on a road trip. The first stop is London and the location is the international convention center, the ExCeL London.

The road trip is sponsored by the Ministry of Housing. It aims to create awareness toward Egypt’s various real estate packages. Twelve Egyptian property developers have opened up their collections. Each developer brought along a demonstration of their developments, with the aim of getting investors to commit to a partnership in funding these properties.

The EPS is actually the second exhibition that showcases Egyptian properties. The Ministry of Housing recently opened up shop at the Cityscape Global at Dubai, with the same aim of gaining investors. The last event was held at the Dubai World Trade Center in October.

Real estate properties are part of Egypt’s economy and a robust market means that economy is taking off. Right now, it is in a bubble, according to media. The rates for upper-end projects are far higher and the rate for an increase in costs have become significantly lower. Most investments, revealed by a 2017 study done by Aqarmap, are investments for the future. The future includes usage, such as for family and for children.

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