“L&T Realty is a professionally run organization”

“L&T Realty is a professionally run organization”
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Srikant Joshi, Chief Executive, L&T Realty is the recipient of the coveted ‘Scroll of Honour’. He speaks exclusively with Realty Plus

How does it feel to receive the scroll of honour from Realty Plus?

Personally, it is my privilege to receive the ‘Scroll of Honour” from Realty Plus – a publication with a decade old history of bringing together the key stake-holders of real estate sector and creating a forum for exchange of news and opinions. This honour is also an acknowledgement of the place L&T Realty has secured in the industry in just 4 years of its existence.

How do you drive and motivate your team?

L&T Realty is a professionally run organization and is managed by a board unlike many promoter driven businesses. I believe that exposing the team to challenging assignments and instilling a problem solving approach within the teams motivates them the most and pushes them to give their best shot. Besides that, for the consistent enhancement of skills, we have a coaching and mentoring program within the organization. Also, there are regular training programs and workshops that are organized which provide a rich interactive platform to get apprised with new concepts and skills relating to the functional areas.

What has been the turning point of your career?

I would say that the turning point in my career was when I became a part of the real estate sector in 2006. Before that I had been associated with the IT & FMCG sector having worked in blue chip companies like Wipro, Phillips, Heinz and Sify.

What is the USP of your company?

The USPs that make us stand out are: Customer First – At L&T Realty, the trust our buyers place in us is foremost. We aim to fill in the gap between the customer’s expectation and the final product by giving him what was promised from the start. We strive to deliver on our commitments on both quality and timelines.

Financial discipline – L&T Realty is very particular about the projects we chooses to invest in. Currently all our projects are fully funded and have the necessary resources required to deliver on time and to the satisfaction of our customers. While for most developers the monies starts flowing in as the construction takes place, most do not focus on development of the non-tower areas unlike at L&T Realty, where it is a relentless discipline to develop nontower areas concurrently along with development of individual towers. br>

Expertise on project management – In-house project execution capabilities developed over seven decades ensures minimal performance related issues. No hindrance of resources whether man, Material or Machinery thus ensuring that the project stays ahead of the schedule , setting new benchmarks and taking away customers fear of delays in possession.

Besides adopting modular and scalable designs, L&T Realty invests in world class technology like MIVAN to reduce time of delivery and ensuring certainty in cash-flow realizations for on time project completion.

What is the advice you would like to give to upcoming and young developers?

Today the customer is more discerning than ever before and is choosing brands that give them assurance of quality and on time delivery. There is no two ways about the fact that to make a place in the minds of the customer, one needs to develop their execution capabilities first and service the expectations of the customers. The ensuing trust that is earned in the process has a greater impact than any amount of money spent on advertising.

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