LudovicaMascheroni ties-up with P3 Architectural Solutions

LudovicaMascheroni ties-up with P3 Architectural Solutions
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The wardrobe of your dreams arises from the constant search for solutions and materials that make it truly “unconventional”, ideal for demanding customers in search of true Italian creativity. LudovicaMascheroni, a Super Premium Luxury furniture brand from Italy in Home Décor space comes out with their new products namely, Via Montenapoleone and Armarium Wardrobe. The perforated leather covers the wooden doors in Ziricote and the bronze-tinted glass doors offer up the interior with back panels upholstered in silk and cashmere, all with wonderful backlighting. The brand has tied-up with P3 Architectural Solutions in Mumbai for their exclusive distribution in India. In India, LudovicaMascheroni shall be offering their entire product range, i.e. Dining tables, Sofa sets, Side Boards, Bedroom sets and Mirrors, Wallcovering/ claddings, In-lay work on walls, Walk-in wardrobes, Kitchens and Lights.

On this venture, Mr Fabio Mascheroni, Founder, Lodovica Mascheroni highlights, “Quality is based on our each and every action, and this aura can be expressed only when you have a strong, tight-knit team of great people. The workmanship and every detail put in the projects is more than 200% with passion and care which will make you understand that you can’t live without them. Our collaboration with P3 Architectural Solutions will ensure that our designs are exclusively portrayed in the Indian market.”

On this collaboration, Mr Roopesh Gupta, Managing Director, P3 Architectural Solutions stated, “LudovicaMascheroni is a unique blend of the most prestigious materials and entails a study of design which is combined to produce exclusive-iconic furniture. With them Quality is never an accident, it is a result of intelligent effort.”

Among the proposals and offers of LudovicaMascheroni, the walk-in closet plays an important role-tailored and customized according to the customer’s requirements and demands, this closet offers a wooden frame covered in any wood type, or covered with any kind of leather, thick leather or fabric, with special bronze-plated brass, and several open units and with glass doors with LED lighting. This is the magic behind our closet, keeping everything in good working order and choosing with just one glance the clothing and accessories that are just perfect for each and every occasion. At the centre of the composition you will find the island unit, an irreplaceable unit of furniture thanks to its fantastic practicality – all around, this is your world, enhanced by the accessories of the LudovicaMascheroni walk-in closet.

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