Maha Metro – on the Right Track

Maha Metro – on the Right Track
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Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited (NMRCL) was reconstituted as Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MAHA-METRO) for the implementation of all metro rail projects in the State of Maharashtra outside Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Presently, Maha Metro is executing Metro Rail Projects in the cities of Nagpur &Pune.The aim was to create an ecofriendly and energy efficient Metro Rail system of International standards which will enhance the quality of life of citizens of Nagpur and Pune and would be instrumental in the overall development of the cities.

To make Maha-Metro financially viable in the long run, the company aims to develop and exploit total area of 60 lakh sq. ft. at Nagpur for commercial (60%) & residential (40%) purposes. We will achieve over 50% revenue from non-fare box sources. This is an emerging global trend where metro companies are focusing on other means to generate revenue than only depending upon the fare box collections.

The special features of Nagpur Metro project

  • Integrating Solar Energy from Inception:Maha-Metro is integrating solar energy generation right from the project planning and design stage to meet 65% of its energy requirements making it one of the “Greenest Metro’s”.
  • Digital Project Management Platform: The 5D BIM automates the project management processes by integrating four major software’s (Bentley, Oracle, SAP and RIB). This enables to get insights into various intricacies in design, construction and handing over stage for taking appropriate decisions on time. These inputs has made progress much faster and we have been able to achieve nearly 60% overall progress and nearing the commissioning of the first section of 5.4 km length.
  • Comprehensive Art Station Development:Prominent stations are being designed as Multi Storied World Class ‘Green-Buildings’ Stations suitably integrating commercial development, 100 % waste water recycling, human waste treatment through anaerobic bacteria-based bio-digesters in collaboration with DRDO, using eco-friendly methods and materials etc.
  • State of The Art Quality Labs at Works Site: Maha-Metro has setup a well-equipped ultra-modern with Bureau Veritas (A global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification) to test the quality of materials used in the construction works. This facility is also used for training purpose, of Maha Metro staff as well as contractors and consultants. This facility will also provide testing services to other Government agencies based at Nagpur and Central India. We are in a position to ensure some revenue form this tie-up. This is a path breaking initiative of Maha Metro.
  • Common Mobility Card: While making travelling easier in Orange City through its multiple initiatives, Maha Metro Nagpur has adopted the EMV (Euro Master Visa) smart card based Open Loop Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system which will be implemented across all metro stations in Nagpur. This system will enable smart card as additional fare media for commuters to pay for the intended travel in any modes of transport. This has been implemented on a PPP basis with State Bank of India as the head of the consortium.
  • Multi modal integration: The Multi-Modal Integration envisages fusion of road, metro, rail network, city bus, taxi and even auto-rickshaws and cycles plying on city roads.Maha Metro is also working to improve the first and last mile connectivity, which will basically help transfer passengers to the nearest transit point which facilitates them for an onward journey. This will help in creating an efficient feeder system. Currently the feeder services will consist of Shuttle Buses, Mini Vans, Battery Operated Vehicles, Mahindra eSUPRO and Mobike.
  • 100% water recycling and smart sewage treatment: MoU has been signed between Maha-Metro and Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for propagation and installation of “Bio Digester Technology”. Maha-Metro will be the first in India to adopt this technology with an objective of keeping eco-friendly clean environment and make use of organic waste & waste water.

The station development of Pune will reflect the rich history, heritage, art, and culture of the city. The stations near industrial area will reflect industrial themes. Those near historical monuments will include their theme while, stations by the riverfront will have a reflection of that in such a way that they become the modern identity of the city. Rich musical heritage of the city will also be suitably included in the station design.

The finance strategy and revenue model for the projects

During the construction stage, within the funding plan, approved by Government of India (GoI), the project will be completed without any cost and time overrun. Maha Metro has taken number of cost cutting initiatives due to which the project will be completed within the sanctioned cost. During the operations, to keep the fare structure affordable to the common public, Maha Metro gives major thrust on non-fare box revenue. The other areas which have also been taken care of are:

  1. Stand alone property development
  2. Semi-naming of stations
  • Wrapping of train sets
  1. 1 % additional cess on stamp duty
  2. Premium on sale of additional FSI as per TOD

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance has been awarded to SBI Lead Consortium, who will invest about 280 crores towards Capex and maintain the system for 10 years. The consortium has also to pay Rs 30 crore as royalty over a 10 year period.

Nagpur metro completion timelines 

Nagpur Metro Rail Project consists of 38.215 Km elevated Metro Corridor which includes 40 stations and 2 train maintenance Depots, the Alignment is divided into two corridors i.e. North-South (19.658 Km) & East-West (18.557 Km). The estimated completion Cost is Rs. 8680 crores. The total physical progress achieved is 55% and the financial progress is 35%.

The route length of Pune Metro Rail Project is 31.25 km (26.23 km elevated & 5.02 km underground) divided into two corridors i.e from PimpriChinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) to Swargate (16.59 Km) and from Vanaz to Ramwadi (14.66 km) with 30 stations and two Car Maintenance Depots. The approved completion cost is Rs. 11,420 crores. The total physical progress achieved is 12% and the financial progress is 08%.

Trial run of the very first section of 5.4 km of Nagpur Metro Rail Project was flagged of on 30th September 2017. The CMRS inspection will be done soon. The phase 1 of Nagpur Metro is expected to be completed by December 2019 with opening of 15 km by the end of 2018 and the remaining 23 km by the end of 2019. The Pune Metro project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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