Make Coworking your 2020 goal

Make Coworking your 2020 goal
27/01/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Neetish Sarda, Founder– Smartworks

The forces of technology and urbanization are continually evolving the way we work. More people across geographies and generations aspire to work out of a vibrant work environment with excellent amenities and corporate training. The work culture and recreational activities play a crucial role in determining employee engagement and retention. Workspace design and culture, therefore, has become an essential agenda for organizations to attract the millennial workforce.

According to the latest CBRE report, coworking spaces are witnessing a temporal shift in how people work with 65-70% demand from large enterprises, 15-20% demand from SMEs, and 10-15% demand from start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Coworking spaces not only provide hassle-free workspace management but also offer an ideal platform for networking and collaboration. With different companies sitting close to one another, there are ample opportunities for interactions and collaborations. They foster a free-flow of ideas and allow aggressive brainstorming sessions among people and companies. Shared cafeteria and recreational areas within the offices prove as a great place to meet and greet industry experts from different companies and different walks of life. Most coworking spaces have different art, music, dance, and other cultural communities, where people can converse, network, and build lasting relationships. Apart from boosting productivity, a collaborative working environment also helps in boosting employee morale.

Unlike traditional workspaces, coworking spaces let companies do away with any form of infrastructural investments and overhead charges. It offers ready-to-use plug and play offices with complete workspace design and furniture, access, and security as well as water and electricity facilities. Tech-enabled office spaces, efficient facility management services, inspirational designs, and service support at the click of a button makes flexible workspaces a go-to solution for corporates, SMEs, and start-ups.

The millennial workforce demands a nurturing work environment, which contributes to their overall skill development at work. Most of the leading coworking spaces provide enterprises with comprehensive skill development workshops for their employees from time to time. There is a multitude of workshops organized within the shared office premises ranging from technical, financial, operational, and behavioral skill development sessions. Such workshops help maximize the existing skill sets of the employees while equipping them with the latest know-how of their field and enhancing their performance and productivity at the workspace.

Most of the employees spend about eight to nine hours at work every day, which states that workspaces have a prominent contribution towards employee wellbeing. Workspaces alter the way people lead their lives and have a significant impact on shaping the employee’s lifestyle and wellbeing. Most of the coworking spaces provide a myriad of amenities like gaming and recreational zones, health and fitness facilities, and fun employee engagement events for enhancing employee wellbeing. Flexible workspace providers also have exclusive facilities for members such as crèche, concierge services, laundry, gymnasiums, and food partnerships for the additional comfort of the employees.

Coworking spaces are constantly modifying how people work and are helping enterprises empower their employees while adding to their overall wellbeing. With the recent workspace renaissance, enterprises are moving away from traditional workspaces and putting employee experience as their topmost priority.

There has been a rampant increase in the number of enterprises that have moved to flexible/managed office spaces over the last few years, and we believe businesses of all sizes will grow and expand in the year 2020 and beyond.

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