Make Relocation Hassle free with Rented Furniture

Make Relocation Hassle free with Rented Furniture
Feb 2020 , by , in Interviews

Authored by Sidhant Lamba, Founder, Fabrento

There is a saying that ‘the day you left home for higher studies or your first job, you never realized that, that was the last day at your home. No matter how many times your home on holidays, it’s never the same. You are now someone who stays away and comes home to spend the vacations.” This is the reality for almost majority of the migrating population of the country who moves around for better job prospects, for higher studies, to settle with new partner and so on. Relocation is a big headache in these cases as it not only involves uprooting oneself from a place, but also to shift all the big and heavy yet necessary belongings around.

So what should be the best solution to make relocation little hassle free? Simple! Rent your necessary furniture and save on both money and stress of moving around the city or to another city with a truck. Rent the furniture on a monthly/yearly basis keeping in mind the space and setting of your new place and get ready to throw a housewarming party in a few days of moving.

Let’s take a quick look what can you rent immediately for your new place.


Sofa Set 

A sleek sofa set is the showstopper of your house. It will be the place where you crash in after coming back from a long day at office or university. It will also create that perfect first impression among the guests. However, carrying a huge sofa set from one city to another can be extremely hard on the pocket. Rent that perfect sofa set and then swap for new sets of trendy styles and latest designs, every now and then, just to avoid any monotony in decor.



One cannot harp more on the necessity of this important piece of furniture. A proper king size bed for your family is a go to product when you enter a new home. However buying a new bed set in a new city can easily pocket pinch you around 40,000/-. Shifting your old bed will be another trouble as the installation, packing and transportation cost and then reset up is a hassle and comes at a price. Let’s put an end to your worries and rent it instead.



Our daily wear wardrobe is an important part of our lives both while at work and at home. And let’s not forget how we keep on buying new clothes at every events and sales. A proper wardrobe for you will help to make your new home looks cleaner and will add to the essence of your being. Now you can easily rent your wardrobes at as less as 600/- per month.



Science and technology has done wonders in recent times and how thankful we are for our daily use electrical appliances that not only makes our life easier but also helps us to relax. Why spend thousands in buying  a TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, when we can easily rent them all out in flexible packages in as minimum as 1600/- per month!




Men and Women today prefer to look their best while stepping out. In a world where your appearance matters, spending time in front of your dresser is a part of your daily routine. Let’s get out of the hassle of transporting mirrors and set and quickly rent one instead at a bare minimum of 500/-.


Apart from these items, your new house also needs the beautiful touch of coffee tables, study tables, storage units, and art décors which you can easily rent to make you feel like home.

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