Managed and Serviced office space vs Traditional Offices

Managed and Serviced office space vs Traditional Offices
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We are aware of the confinement in traditional office spaces where cubicles separate co-workers; sometimes the person we report to is sitting in another floor or sitting behind closed door. In an era where work productivity is of utmost priority in every business, for faster growth and expansion, MNCs as well as start-ups prefer compact and chic office spaces which are equipped with all facilities for making work environment prolific and dynamic.

Managed and serviced office spaces have witnessed huge surge in demand from MNCs, corporate houses and start-ups, consideringthe customized and tailored offices they provide and keeping in mind clients’ office needs. Setting up a perfect office space where the employees can ideate, communicate, plan, evaluate and implement usually incurs cosmic costs.

Below are five ways how managed and serviced office space gain an upper hand over traditional office spaces

  1. Cost Effective

In order to do away with the taxing prerequisites of setting up a business, MNC’s, SME’s, start-ups and freelancers are developing a penchant towards managed and serviced office spaces over traditional office spaces. The managed office space facility has encouraged companies to sit, work and invest all the time and efforts in the primary motive of the company instead of wasting time, money and efforts on the office set-up that they operate in.

By opting for such office spaces, a company saves 40-45% of cost. Therefore, for many companies, these office spaces have not only become their office space solution provider but also act as a risk mitigation strategy since there is no capital that gets locked in.


  1. Access to high-quality equipment and trained staff

Network connectivity, servers, computers, electricity, water, hygienic washrooms, pantry etc. are some of the services, which require maximum efforts and management. Serviced and managed office spaces not only providethem, but also take care that there is a smooth management of the services provided


  1. Tailored to needs and requirements: While every industry and every sector has a different office space requirement, managed and serviced office spaces have been able to fulfill every kind of client requirement across industries. These spaces are fully functional and ready to use and encourage a hassle free work environment.

One of the ideal uses of such office spaces is the flexibility that it offers. Many such companies offer contracts for as brief as a month. This is aperfect situation available for businesses which wish to continue remaining nimble and can expand or reduce within a short notice period to cope up with their business plan.

  1. Fast and furious solution

If you want to start your business but get tangled in the pre execution process of an office set up, well managed and serviced office spaces have you covered. Completely furnished office spaces with optimum facilities are designed as per every client’s requirements. From chic and colorful office settings to state-of-the-art facility, every office is designed in a way that it suits the clients’ business settings and requirements.

On the other hand, setting up of a traditional office space usually delays the working of the company due to its architectural requirements, services and location dynamics. When modernity is the trend, then why continue going traditional?

  1. Paper workand legal due diligence

Custody, registration, lease, etc. are some of the complicated paperwork formalities that are included in traditional office. In a serviced office,one needs to pay only for the time-period for which the office space is going to get utilized. Managed spaces have the capacity to increase the number of office sitting as the work or the staff progresses.

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