MAP Systems partners construction firms, rolling out their BIM modeling services

MAP Systems partners construction firms, rolling out their BIM modeling services
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A MAP Systems spokesperson has revealed various interesting details regarding their ongoing partnerships to the press and officials at a gathering today. The conferences had been organized in the premises of MAP Systems, one of the leading BIM companies in India. Speaking at the conference, the spokesperson stated that the purpose of the gathering was to educate the clients and disseminate the benefits of BIM technology to various architectural and designer fields. Representatives from various construction and architecture industries were present at the conference. The motive of these representatives was to get a comprehensive knowledge about the value of this technology.


Presently, BIM technology is extensively used in 3D architectural modeling. This technology has been accepted in various firms in the architecture, construction and designing industry, as it saves a good amount of time and costs. It refines the overall designing process, clearly disseminating the design structure to the clients. Several leading companies across the globe have integrated this technology and Indian companies too, are embracing the mechanism.


The AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) has been evolving over the years, and the demand for sophisticated technology has been rising. MAP SYSTEMS has been providing BIM services for AEC industry over the years. Presently, the company has an extensive clientele and continues to expand its business. BIM modeling includes various technological, structural and 3D architectural modeling solutions that are necessary in the field of designing. Contractors, engineers, architects and planners collaborate with top BIM service providers for a dedicated support. In this aspect, MAP Systems has been a key player, delivering customized 3D architectural modeling services to its clients. Both residential and commercial developers are pairing up with the company for the necessary support in their business. This technology enables the clients to visualize the final look of the structure, focusing on the intricate details of the building. It is effective in leveraging the sales strategy of reality firms and detect errors in the construction process.


Integrating this digital technology, the developers and architects can highlight on specific aspects of the project and illuminate the same, making them visually appealing to the buyers. Besides, it is also possible to showcase specific aspects of projects, including electrical fittings, mechanical structures, plumbing and other areas to prospective buyers. The construction firms seek the feedback of their customers based on these visualizations. This enables them to customize the designs, as per their specifications.

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