Maradu Residents hoping against hope

Maradu Residents hoping against hope
28/09/2019 , by , in News/Views

Sreeshankar R has arrived from Mumbai to follow the developments at his apartment in Holy Faith H2O. He said that he bought the apartment in December 2006.

“At that point there were no legal disputes. Irregularities were identified in 2007. Neither the builder nor the local body informed us about the show cause notice issued by the panchayat and the ensuing legal disputes. I took a bank loan. Even the bank was clueless about these disputes,” he said.

Now, he pins his hope on the Supreme Court as it has asked the chief secretary to produce the list of violators across the state. “This is the ray of hope we have. There are so many violations,” he said.

Most of the flat owners expect a reprieve as there is large number of violators and the court would not order demolition of all the structures.

Rafeeq Sait, a resident of Jains Coral Cove, said, “I have not made any alternative arrangements. If I am thrown out of my flat, I will have to take another flat for rent. Though I have siblings living in the city, it is not possible for go on living with them for ever.”

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