Marble Home Decor Collection by Whiteteak Company

Marble Home Decor Collection by Whiteteak Company
Mar 2021 , by , in Press Room

From the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra to the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, several heritage landmarks in India have been built using marble through the centuries. Marble has its richness and value and indeed in the home décor products. Small artifacts to big Table lamps & floor lamps; Marble handcrafted products are used in the house at different places to add décor abundance. 

Understanding the décor trends in marble home décor products, The Whiteteak Company, the true destination for Luxury and Designer Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Hanging Lights, and Luxury and Rustic Décor have recently launched Marble Home Decor Collection at all stores in India. 

The collection comprises marble-based home décor artifacts, which are perfect to adorn any environment in the home. From the tabletop artifact to large floor artifact, at Whiteteak Company, the décor lover will get a wide variety of marble-based home décor products. With the mix of other products, the marble-based décor products are in human figures with different concepts and design theories. “A dancing sculpture in black color with copper is ideal for any living room to highlight the corner and enhance the décor settings adds Anu Mehta, co-founder of The Whiteteak Company.

Further Mamta Mehta, co-founder of The Whiteteak Company adds, “ The collection is the result of extensive research on the subject of marble décor products. We have tried to keep the collection simple, which shall match with the contemporary interiors. Though the product is made of marble mix with other material; each piece has its uniqueness and abundance which marble gives naturally”  


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