Metallic accents in home décor

Metallic accents in home décor
19/12/2019 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

By Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP

Metals especially copper and brass have always been an integral part of home décor. These metals were commonly used in making different household items in earlier days and are back in vogue again. Beaten metals and cutwork are various forms of metallic crafts that is used to create a statement and is preferred when it comes to designing your space. Copper along with its alloy brass is the most flexible metal for making handcrafted design objects that are used both indoor and outdoor decorations. Copper being one of the most efficient resources is one of the most preferred metal due to his durability and easy maintenance.


With the extensive design perspective of artists, these metals are now available in contemporary designs that synergize well with the traditional as well as the modern home décor trends.


Copper and brass if incorporated rightly, can accentuate the entire look and feel of your house and is widely used for fabricating cooking vessels, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and decorative items. Let’s glance through few ideas of making these metals an integral part of your home, which will never be out of date.


Kitchen – Copper is rust-resistant and antimicrobial thus it can be perfectly used as kitchen and bathroom sinks. It gives a complete traditional look adding aesthetic charm to your space. Due to its simple uncluttered look it adds a touch of a sophistication.


Bed Frame – Reminiscent of the old era, incorporating copper and brass bedframes can do wonders to your bedroom look and theme.


Lighting – Copper lighting looks great for your home, you can have those beautifully and artistically designed lighting for your kitchen, living room, bedrooms or you can install them in your foyer area to instantly brighten up the space. Copper chandeliers can accentuate the entire feel of your exteriors and interiors as well. Create a beautiful contrast by teaming up with black.

Brass – Create a traditional look by arranging flowers and scented candles in the beautiful Urli and create a zen corner. You can place these beautiful handcrafted Urlis available in varied designs to enhance the look of your entrance.

Combine it with wood – You can place brass candle stands, or heirloom pieces and lamps and can integrate in theme of your décor. You can choose vintage, modern, traditional or minimal. Place it on a wooden pedestal, corner table or a wooden centre tray to create a sophisticated look.

Mirror Frames or vases – Brass can be used for the mirror frames or those elegant and fancy vases.


Mentioned below are a few do’s and don’ts to follow while incorporating metallic accents in home décor:


  • Colour scheme – Although mix – n -match always spurs up the look and adds dimensions to your space, it is highly important to consider to match it up with the colour palette when you are installing the metal in your home. E.g. If you have hues of reds, browns, and yellow balance it out with lightweight objects in copper and brass. If you have grey tones, a copper frame can make your room come to life.


  • Always keep it subtle – Even though you are mixing metals emphasize that you are not cluttering a space with too many objects. Avoid glitzy brass or copper all around. Keep only a few selected brass pieces to add glamour to your interiors. Add a mirror to create a mixed-metal look throughout your room. This will make the room feel more open.




  • When you are using copper and brass, do not forget to consider the texture of an object. Texture creates a lot of difference. Combine the objects with matte, polished, and hammered finishes.


  • Avoid keeping those expensive copper and brass objects in places where there is humidity.


Nothing enhances style and luxury like metallics. This widespread trend has pushed the metal palette into the spotlight -sparkling silver, shiny golden tones as well as brass and copper accents. Metallic accents display a sophisticated, elegant look that complements with a number of styles like classic Victorian, edgy industrial and sleek modern interiors. When chosen and displayed smartly, these accents can work as striking elements and conversation starters.


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