Mfar Manyata Tech Park

Mfar Manyata Tech Park
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Designed by Najeeb Khan, MD & founder of KGD Architecture, Manyata Tech Park mixed use property is constructed by the top down method, a first in India.

Mfar Manyata Tech Park Phase IV is a mixed use office development with commercial amenities that include a retail wing with F&B outlets, shopping, health and fitness and a business centre. This is designed as a 12 storied block with three underground levels of car parking adjacent to the campus style earlier phases of Mfar Manyata Tech Park. However, the glass porch at the entrance marks it out of the building mass, giving it an almost sculpture like appearance.

Mr. Nejeeb Khan

Mr. Nejeeb Khan

The architect of the project Nejeeb Khan, Managing Director, KGD-Architecture elaborated, “Various factors were carefully worked upon to maximize the use of space without making a hazardous footprint. Considering that 10,000 people would be occupying the building, it called for a simple spatial plan that reduced confusion eliminated the need to be constantly directed.” The resultant floor plate is narrow and long with the length aligned in the North South axis except for the L part on the West Façade, which has been provided with high performance glazing. No ACP has been used by the architects, instead of which Kalzip is used to create beautiful undulations in the façade which not only creates a unique pattern but also creates a play of light due to its light reflecting properties.

Short span East & South ends are provided with little or no glazing and the east end is blocked with the services & toilet core to prevent excessive exposure to the harsh sunlight. The L shape also facilitates self-shading for the southern façade to some degree. The façade is composed of sections to provide adequate penetration of daylight to provide views while forgoing glare. “The narrow plate further enhances the entry of daylight from both the sides. Unlike most buildings, under this typology, it is earth bound and a lot of activities in the retail spill into the open and landscaped areas breaking the monotony and giving a sense of relatable scale to these users,” added Khan.

Be it high performance solar glazing or highly efficient fluorescent light bulbs, each element of the building was carefully put in place. This posed a challenge to the architects to create a dynamic structure which is green, functionally sound and an aesthetic marvel. Designed as a contemporary curtain walled office and retail building structure with a formal style of architecture, the project is an IGBC core and warm shell Gold rated development.


Project Facts

Location: Bangalore

Site Area: Seven Acres

Built-up Area: 1,289,699 million sq. ft.

Client: MFAR Developers

Date of Completion: 2015

Client Requirements: Multi-Tenant, Grade A, LEED rated office building

Nejeeb Khan is a master’s degree holder from the University of Colorado and is a member of Council of Architecture – India (CoA), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) & American Institute of Architects (AIA). In 2003, he founded KGD-Architecture along with Ned Kirschbaum and Jim Bradburn of Fentress Architects.

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