Microsoft 3 New Data Centres In Greece

Microsoft 3 New Data Centres In Greece
06/10/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Greece and Microsoft announced an investment deal worth up to EUR 1 billion (roughly Rs. 8,608 crores) to build cloud storage infrastructure in the country. The project foresees three data centres in the greater Athens area. No timeframe was given. The announcement comes as Greece’s pro-business government plans to gradually shift the country’s notoriously bureaucratic civil service online.

“We are bringing data centres to Greece. We’re going to create a new region that will include Greece as well as (neighbouring countries),” Microsoft President Brad Smith told at the project will launch in Athens. “This is a new opportunity for every small business in Greece… with cloud services, you pay for what you use, and you pay only when you use it,” said Smith, adding companies would no longer need to invest in buying and maintaining servers.

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