Midas Gold Glass

Midas Gold Glass
Apr 2018 , by , in Products

Midas Gold by Saint-Gobain, a state-of-the-art, golden sheen glass exclusively designed in India and for India. Made using the cutting edge magnetron process, Midas Gold is a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. Being a heat reflective glass, Midas Gold cuts solar heat and keeps the interiors of a building cooler through the daytime, thus reducing the cost of air conditioning. This glass provides optimum light transmission allowing natural daylight into the interiors and reducing glare. Also the low internal reflection gives freedom of unhindered exterior views, protecting privacy all throughout.

Midas Gold can be used for structural glazing / façade glazing / bolted system / curtain walling / windows / fenestration applications. Brace up for living places that truly glitter with unmatched aesthetics and matchless performance.



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