‘Miele is driven by a very distinct philosophy ‘Immer Besser’

‘Miele is driven by a very distinct philosophy ‘Immer Besser’
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In an exclusive interview with Rana Pratap Singh, MD, Miele India Pvt Ltd

What are the latest products offered by your brand?

Miele has recently launched an all new range of products in India called the Generation 6000 Series. The fleet includes appliances right from ovens to hoods and hobs, dishwashers, coffee machines, Gourmet warmer drawers to washing machines. Generation 6000 series boasts an array of some cutting edge technological advancements that have elevated kitchen technology to a notch further. Through this range Miele has implemented features that were merely figments of imagination a decade ago.

Miele believes in doing the extraordinary and has been luring its loyal customers for over 100 years now. With a numerous patents to its credit, Miele strives to stay ahead in terms of innovative technology and designing aspects. With Generation 6000 Series, Miele has focused on a symmetrical design across all product categories such that when the appliances are installed in a kitchen, the harmony is thus maintained giving the entire kitchenette a sleek and aesthetically serene feel.

On the other hand it focuses on the M Touch panel that distinguishes the flagship models of all the product categories from other. The panel is an interactive display screen which can be operated with a meagre touch of your fingertip! The swift swiping, scrolling and tapping movements of your fingertips would now help you make the most tedious of tasks a child’s play; just like it is on your smartphones.

Over 1000 automatic programmes that are fed in this generation of appliances are all set to help anyone to perform any function even without having to know how to go about them.

What are the market trends for 2016?

Recently, kitchens have witnessed a huge shift from being the neglected part of the house essentially meant for all backend jobs and for strictly utilitarian purpose to becoming a platform to socialize and flaunt a certain kind of lifestyle. The taste towards kitchen cabinetry has evolved and people are ready to experiment more with this space as compared to earlier decades. The year 2016 will be in continuation with the past year and we will continue to see more and more people opting for appliances and designs that are utility based yet stylish.

Kitchens are expected to widen up in terms of allowing easy movement and hindrance free working. Free-standing units will continue being replaced by built-in appliances but at a faster pace giving the kitchen a sleeker and harmoniouslook.

We will see more and more people opting for handle-less cabinetry and appliances. For instance our latest introduction in the Indian market includes handle-free dishwasher, Knock2Open which opens up merely by being knocked on its door twice!

Coloured kitchens are quite old fashioned for 2016. A definite shift from those to a chic white is predicted on full swing. This is one reason why we have recently introduced white appliances in India.

The concept of dry and wet kitchen, where the latter is primarily meant for maids and helps for core cooking purposes while the former is essentially for hosting get-togethers with friends and families will become more popular.

The bifurcation made is on the basis of major differentiation brought about by the choice of appliances which fit in these two areas; whilst the wet kitchen will hub the basic cooking appliances like the hob and hood, dishwasher, refrigerator and a single oven, the dry kitchen would house secondary and lifestyle appliances like the steam oven, the coffee machine and the wine conditioner along with induction hob and hood for light cooking purposes.

Fancy lighting has started entering kitchens and the trend is expected to only become more elaborate and imposing in coming times for a reason that light arrangement and intensity helps create a desired ambience for a particular setting.

Personal spaces within a kitchenette are foreseen to pace up and this can be accentuated by seamless dim lighting in a corner by the window side; perfect for morning cup of coffee and evening tea in solitude.

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